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Organizing Document - Constitution

7 years 1 month ago #169931 by Kim Nawrath
Replied by Kim Nawrath on topic RE: Organizing Document - Constitution
I realize this post I'm replying to is quite old. But if anyone out there has an example of either a Constitution or Articles of Organization that they'd be able to share, that would be great! We are NOT incorporated and do not WANT to incorporate unless we have to. We, too, have had 501(c)(3) status for years already and do NOT want to refile (which is what would have to happen if we incorporate!). However, we've been running into problems with updating our ST-5 and not having proper registration with the state. Apparently, we need to reapply for our ST-5 but need organizing documents to do that. Any examples of organizing docs you can share (that are NOT by-laws) would be appreciated!
7 years 1 month ago #169935 by Craig
Hi Kim,

We do have sample articles of incorporation. You can find them here:

The structure of a constitution or articles of organization is similar, but of course you would remove the incorporation language.

Editor in Chief
4 years 5 months ago #172858 by pto1816
Hello, Could you please email me your sample constitution? We are about to apply for 501c3. Thank you.
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