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basics for running a carnival

17 years 4 months ago #128771 by Dora Anderson
thank you for your response i know it seems challenging but i have covered those aspects. members from my church will help with setting up booths, some girls from a neighboring high school volunteered their time. the dj can handle the karaoke machine.i don't know what is so complex about cornhole or water limbo or bowling for that matter but if i didn't think we could do this i wouldn't even try. these staff and students haven't been treated to something of this magnitude in 10 years!!!!! if someone doesn't put forth the effort, who will? i was always taught to lead by example. they haven't had anyone come up with ideas like these, and believe me when i tell you i am not trying to toot my own horn, i dont think that "watering down" the carnival is going to make it easier. but i will take some things into consideration and i truly thank you for your input.
17 years 5 months ago #128470 by JHB
Let me add just a couple things. We haven't done an actual carnival in several years, but our elementary has some other events where I think some issues still apply.

Karoke - we do this for Breakfast with Santa on the stage in our cafeteria/auditorium and it's a HUGE hit and gives everyone sitting around something to do. That situation's a little different because it's Christmas songs, so mostly groups - not individuals. But the point is - the music teacher always volunteers for that position and he's the only one who touches the equipment. So the singers just pick the song and hold the microphone.

Also, on volunteers - we'd be lost without our high school students. Many need to accrue a minimum number of volunteer hours, so we contact the counselor or NHS sponsor. It's great. And they'll pretty much work anywhere as they have a good time just being around each other. So, for instance, if they get stuck doing the concession stand, that's fine with them even if it's not one of the "fun" jobs.
17 years 5 months ago #128439 by ttnc4me
Excellent!! Keep em coming!
I debated the dunk tank or pie (whip cream) in the face, but both are so messy. I think the sponge is a fantastic alternative! (Although my son was looking forward to being *in* the dunk tank when it was over.):-)
17 years 5 months ago #128414 by LUVMYKIDS
Skyview makes some great points on the things parents won't volunteer to work. We found the same issues so we got middle and high school volunteers to do the crazy hair and face painting. Girls at that age LOVE to do that kind of thing. Instead of a dunk tank, we do a sponge toss. (Think big board with hole in the middle to stick your head through). This game has been around a long time and I guess they used to get teachers to do it, but the kids started asking if they could be the "target" so we now do two lines-one to be the target and one to be the sponge thrower.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
17 years 5 months ago #128412 by Menlo Tigers
great ideas! thank you everyone!
17 years 5 months ago #128396 by ttnc4me
Skyview - your insight is invaluable - Thank you!!!
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