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Punch Recipe Wanted

14 years 6 months ago #149197 by njmom
Replied by njmom on topic RE: Punch Recipe Wanted
I found this one...

1 48-oz. bottle Welch's. White Grape Juice, chilled
1 quart ginger ale, chilled
1 ring ice mold, made with Welch's. frozen White Grape Juice and cubed fruit
When ready to serve the punch, empty white grape juice (prepared) and ginger ale into cold punch bowl. Carefully unmold ice ring and add to punch. Makes about 26 3-oz. servings. Keep additional chilled juice and ginger ale ready to add to punch.

And this one...

2 cans (12 ounces each) frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed
2 cans (11 1/2 ounces each) frozen white grape juice concentrate, thawed
6 cups cold water
12 cups (about 3 liters) chilled lemon-lime soda pop
Lemon and lime slices

1. In large container, mix juice concentrates. Stir in water.
2. Just before serving, pour into punch bowl. Add soda pop and lemon and lime slices. Pour over ice in glasses.

I love the Internet! :)
14 years 6 months ago #149190 by Momski
Punch Recipe Wanted was created by Momski
I'm at the high school level and now in charge of a Senior Music Honors reception. I recall an awesome punch my daughter's 5th grade recognition served.

It had a couple cans of frozen white grape juice, lemon/lime soda and something else.... - it wasn't too sweet, it didn't stain and everyone loved it on a hot graduation evening....

Does this recipe sound familiar to anyone? can you identify the missing ingredients?


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