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Holiday Craft/Vendor Fair

16 years 10 months ago #137174 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Holiday Craft/Vendor Fair
Our holiday bazaar will be in mid-November. This one is at a high school (so no little kid activities/crafts). It's mostly just the booths plus entertainment from school groups (dancers, choir, etc.) to draw in more participants.

We have 45 booths about 8'x10, concessions, and a bag raffle. The cafeteria is literally divided into spaces using masking tape on the floor. All that is provided is the space. Period. they need to bring their own table and supplies. Cost is $30, plus we encourage them to donate an item for the bag raffle. Our coordinator has about 26 slots sold and may let it spill out into the outer hallway so as to have more vendors.

In my opinion, a pricetag like $400 would be a whole other type of event. That's more like what an exhibitor would pay for space at a conference, where they are investing in the marketing for future sales.
16 years 10 months ago #137167 by threeboysmom
I have searched these boards and have gotten a ton of great info on many subjects. Thanks to all of you who share your advice and expertise!

My school would like to have a Holiday Craft/Vendor Fair this year. After reading through some old posts, I realize this may not be possible on such short notice. If we can it together, I have some questions.

What is a reasonable amount for a table fee? I have read on here anywhere from $10 - $400!! (Tim was at the high end!) Would you charge a different amount for crafters vs. direct sellers (Avon, PartyLite & such)? I would not want to get into charging a percentage of sales, so the table fee would be the big money maker.

I like the ideas of having a Santa Shop and taking pictures with Santa at the same time, as well as serving snacks & drinks. Would a morning or afternoon work best? We would have it on a Saturday so the school is empty and we wouldn't conflict with area church services.

We are in the info gathering stage and I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas and concerns. When I searched through the boards many of the posts on these topics were years old, so I would appreciate some fresh perspectives.

Thanks so much!!
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