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Supporting one members business

16 years 4 months ago #141449 by dlf
Enquiringmind...thanks so much for the final dot to this thread. My very sarcastic post above I hope relayed that I am not in favpre of putting any ONE aspect of an organization above the other...I recently turned down a mom that wanted a flyer sent home in our newsletter. Cost us probably 300 bucks--but I'm so happy to not have to deal with that and I didn't have to put my principal in the position of saying it isn't allowed.
Sorry you couldn't sway them you way to start with...
16 years 4 months ago #141448 by enquiringmind
End result -- the board moved forward with the fundraiser -- "we'll just give it a try!" Amount made -- zero. Why? Expensive product.
My take on it -- not worth the effort, but now the cow is out of the barn and the board will have to deal with every Tom, Dick and Harry that approaches them wanting the same opportunity (business advertising for free via take home flyers to every student. list serve advertising blast AND mention in the school newsletter)
It wasn't worth it -- literally and figuratively.
So many better ways to make money.
16 years 6 months ago #140079 by JHB
I know it can get "messy" to do business with PTO parents, but banning it all together can cause as many problems.

In my opinion, the PTO needs some basic policies for the standard stuff - like the Avon and Pampered Chef and Tupperware reps who are willing to give the PTO a percentage. That's probably "don't" (because there are so many) or else organize a vendor fair and do it once for all. Note - it doesn't have to be physical time/location - it could be virtual. For instance, pick a timeframe and make an open call for all these types of vendors and simply do a flyer version with contact info and statements that sales within whatever defined period will benefit the school.

But for the rest - it's a case by case situation. It's not that you can't do business with a parent - whether it be for profit, discounted, or donated. It's that you need full disclosure, ethical practices, and consideration of all the angles - even how the decision might be perceived.
16 years 6 months ago #140075 by Sharie
Replied by Sharie on topic RE: Supporting one members business
One way we dealt with this issue is to sell advertising in our monthly school newsletter. We even had a special issue right before Christmas if someone wanted to advertise their products, they get a free ad, but ALL profits go to the school for that certain period of time, and they were allowed to put their catalog in the front office. We also sell advertising to any business throughout the year, so if your parent wants to put the word out, they can do it that way and the school benefits from the cost of the ad.
16 years 7 months ago #140007 by dlf
Wow--Rock n Riley--I was SOOO with you--
I've donated over 1000 hours into my child's school...
Brought in over 56,000 dollars in donations and myriad contributions in the form of goods and services just this past year.
I've found sponsors, and started programs to recognize our special needs children.
I've also figured out how to spread my good news to the community....
But wait a minute...OH SNAPPPPP...I haven't benefitted one dollar personally....
I forgot---
I'm a volunteer....
Got get em buddy....
Trust values haven't lowered one bit...
16 years 7 months ago #140000 by Sharie
Replied by Sharie on topic RE: Supporting one members business
I have a business and do a lot of volunteering at my son's school. At his last school I was voted Parent of the Year. I am a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. I have my own professional D.J. Equipment which I lend and operate for free. I donate things to the school. and when I D.J. I put my sign out Music Donated by. I don't see anything wrong with that. With all of the new laws about fund raising and the IRS on donations, it seems to me that anyone who wont to give to the school shold be able to advertise that they do so. You cannot expect a business to donate money or goods to a cause if they are not making any money. Money begets money! That is just the way it is. If the government want give our kids what they need and we cannot afford to do it ourselves, then we need to lean on someone who has the money. I have been a PTA president for two years and sit on site councils and now the president of a PTO. I do a lot where ever my son is. I think that I should get reconized for it and should receive business as a result. After all, it helps me to do more. We shold not lower our values when it comes to our kids, but we should recongize that in order for our kids to have a fair chance, it takes money.
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