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Oriental Trading fundraising address

11 years 5 months ago #147910 by SnowflakesUpNorth
Hi all. Does anyone have the address for Oriental Trading for asking for a donation? I had it last fall but now I can't find it. Thanks!
11 years 4 months ago #148292 by mykidsmom
I have written them once and ended up calling customer service. The rep told me they are not able to donate to schools or other organizations. The best way she put it was "How would we choose?"

I know Current Catalog does and their address is on their web site under contact us. Very happy with their donation.
11 years 4 months ago #148382 by RDSX28
Replied by RDSX28 on topic RE: Oriental Trading fundraising address
I received a donation from Oriental last spring. They sent a pretty blanket throw. I believe I went to their web site and clicked on contact us and asked where I could send a request for a donation for my school and they emailed me back the address. I wrote a letter on school letterhead and received a donation back. It's worth a try as we got a nice donation from them.Good Luck!
2 years 8 months ago #172102 by Macedonia Moore
Replied by Macedonia Moore on topic RE: Oriental Trading fundraising address
Will you donate our church Canary Davis Church of the Living Hod 2509 Burkett Houston Texas a cardboard stand up Nativity Scene
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