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Car Pool Auction

10 years 7 months ago #162682 by Trisa
Car Pool Auction was created by Trisa
We really went outside the box for this! Everybody hates sitting in carpool, so we decided to auction off two spots at the front of the line. Initially we had no idea if this would be successful, but at the end it was great. We promoted the auction through our wkly PTO email blasts to occur at the end of one of out general meetings. It was our intent for it to be a silent auction that would be over when the meeting ended. To our surprise, when I announced the current bid and prepared for it to close, a man yelled out an increased bid then our new auction evolved from there. It was fantastic...parents just began yelling out competitive bids, then it was over. We raised $755 in about 5 minutes. No prep, no supplies, no cleanup, no volunteers, over in 5 min! We have had so many parents inquire about the spots, we are considering auctioning off 4 for next year!
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