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Toy/Book/Clothing Sale

11 years 2 months ago #163737 by mamain06
Replied by mamain06 on topic Re:Toy/Book/Clothing Sale
Our PTO does an annual rummage sale. We send out fliers all over town asking for donations. Last year we talked to a local storage facility and they gave us a unit for a month, for FREE. This year we used an empty classroom, we've heard of some schools using someones garage as well. We advertise the day of the sale on local board readers, the newspaper, online and with fliers. The night before the sale we set everything up on tables and price everything. the day of our sale goes pretty smooth and this year we made over $900. The expense for us is low, we get all items donated and we only pay for price stickers from the dollar tree. If you need any more advice on this please let me know :)
11 years 2 months ago #163736 by Edsell
I have been approached by some parents asking if we can do a toy/book/clothing sale that would be sponsored and benefit the PTO. My main question is how does the PTO make money on such a venture. Has anyone done this before. Was it worthwhile? Was is a money-maker? Would you do it again?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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