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NO product sale this year...maybe!

20 years 8 months ago #79598 by DaveP
Replied by DaveP on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
Pres ..03,

Here is an idea - end the prize awards for selling the most whatever [img]smile.gif[/img]

You have an insurmountable problem - to be eligable for the prize you have stated that you have to sell this! Now you are trying to figure out how to include people who don't actually sell this in the winning of the prize. Do you see a problem with that?

Maybe have a seperate prize for the kid who brings in the most amount of money without actually selling "this" is the answer.
20 years 8 months ago #79597 by PTOPres03
Replied by PTOPres03 on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
We have one of the typical fundraisers where students sell wrapping paper to their friends, neighbors and, of course, their parents. The students who sell the most get recognized, and there are little prizes -- pretty typical, I suspect. However, we have had some people ask to donate an amount in lieu of buying the wrapping paper. They point out (correctly) that they can donate less than it would cost to buy the paper and the school will still receive more -- a win-win situation. However, when the students come in with a check but no wrapping paper order, it affects their "standing" for the prizes. Does anyone have an idea of how to handle this fairly?
20 years 9 months ago #79596 by <3 of a Kind>
Replied by <3 of a Kind> on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you the results of our "Donation Drive". We asked for a donation of $175/ student. As of today, we have raised about $25,000. For a school of 280 students, this is pretty good! Comparable to 3 product sales! So far we have about 60% participation, we expected higher but money is still trickling in.

We learned a lot about the parents during this campaign. As far as what they like and dislike, which is great to know! 60% loved the donation drive, the other 40...either wanted the opportunity to have a product sale or would not participate either way. We will have a product sale in the spring. Families that already donated will not be obligated to participate, but of course, will be encouraged!
20 years 11 months ago #79595 by 3 of a kind
Replied by 3 of a kind on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
I'm also looking forward to seeing how this pans out! We'll definitely find out where our parents stand. We did take into the consideration the few families that did have more than 3 children at the school. After talking to all of them, they encouraged the flat fee donation. But as indicated in the letter, we realize that all families are unique and encouraged to give whatever they feel comfortable with. Once the campaign in over, we'll evaluate and make adjustments. If anyone would like a copy of this donation letter, let me know.

We realize the risk were taking and are a little nervous, but anxious to see the results.

The families that do not participate will be required to sell a product. We'll discuss with the vendor an appropriate prize program. Maybe the same incentive as the flat fee donation...a raffle, the winner gets to have lunch with their teacher and principal.

I'll keep you all posted!
20 years 11 months ago #79594 by ptsoparent
Replied by ptsoparent on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
We also offer parents the opportunity to make a Flat Fee Donation. Last year we attached the form for making the donation to our Fall Fundraiser Packets.

We made about $16,000 from the fundraiser and another $1,400.00 from the flat fee donations. Our main complaints were that we still had prizes from the fundraisers and those kids whose families were making flat fee donations didn't get to qualify for the prizes being offered by the fundraising company.

This year we are using Cherrydale Farms and they are basing our prizes on items sold. They are offering to compensate the families who donate cash to our school with the same rewards being offered to those participating in the sale (based on an average $ amount per item). The new form also allows parents to designate where their donated money goes, (ie. Music, Computers, AR, etc.)

We have also done away with the regular prizes offered by the company. We do not want them - who does? We are instead working towards a school wide assembly and smaller prizes of school water bottles and a limo ride to lunch.

If anyone wants a copy of the new Flat Fee Donation Form I would be happy to send it to them. Just send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
20 years 11 months ago #79593 by MO2
Replied by MO2 on topic RE: NO product sale this year...maybe!
We did a cash donation only last year and only made about 1/3 of what we normally would have made doing a traditional fund raiser. This put a tremendous amount of stress on the board and the budget. One thing I did not like about the donation only drive was that some people could see who donated and how much they donated. Also the person in charge of this would approach parents who hadn't donated in public and ask for their
contribution. I felt uncomfortable with the lack of privacy. This year we are doing a traditional fund raiser however the fundraising company will have a line to check if a parent would rather make a donation. They will even quietly give a prize for each casn donation that is over $35. The company was willing to work with us to please both ideas.
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