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Fundraiser Incentive

23 years 2 weeks ago #82566 by
Replied by on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
How about rewarding the top achievers with "Principal for the Day" or "Librarian for the Day", etc.
23 years 2 weeks ago #82565 by
Replied by on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
After reading through some of the suggestions on this board I went to our Principal and made a recommendation that as an incentive for reading this year he agree to sleep (with his entire family) on the main roof of the school (which is flooded with spotlights and faces a main road.) We'll give him some spam to cook over a campfire and toast marshmellows while all the participants of the reading program celebrate with a party INside.. where it's warm. Our goal is to have 3/4 of our school population participate.. We shall see..
I liked the tricycle idea also.. maybe we can incorporate that in somehow too!
23 years 3 weeks ago #82564 by Gr8tobemom
Replied by Gr8tobemom on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
Our school is reading 10,000 books. Our principal is going to kiss a pig as someone else stated. The teacher that has the most books read in his/her class will have a tricycle race with our vice principal.

Our principal said in her old school, she dressed up as an M&M and tossed out boxes of M&M's to the students.
23 years 4 months ago #82563 by jackansky
Replied by jackansky on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
in responce to PTCGMOM I think as long as you have a good quality fundraiser with a lot to choose from most parents wont mind. If you have a great incentive but a lousy fundraiser thats were the problem begins. You will always have those few who will always complain about everything no matter what you do.
23 years 5 months ago #82562 by mlindy
Replied by mlindy on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
Well, I'm parent and a PTO member, so I don't know if I qualify! But I think that there are some great ideas up there!!! I came from a small elementary school PTO, and this year my daughter is in a middle school of 1200 kids, at our PTO meeting tonite, there were 15 people including the President, past President, Secretary, Treasure and the Principle of the school, talk about depressing. We all need,not only to get our kids motivated and having fun, but the parents too!
23 years 5 months ago #82561 by ptcgmom
Replied by ptcgmom on topic RE: Fundraiser Incentive
I am a new PTO co-president. And I am just wondering what the "parent" feeling is out there regarding incentives. Do parents in general feel more "pushed" when their child comes home with news about incentives in fundraising activities? I know that as the PTO president, I can see many pluses to it (i.e. increased sales and profits), but how do the parents of the sellers feel?
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