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pizza bingo

19 years 6 months ago #83475 by sharongrundman
pizza bingo was created by sharongrundman
Hello, I am a new member of our school's PTO. We could really use some good, new ideas. I would like to organize a pizza bingo night. If anyone could possible help with this, please contact me.

Thank you,
19 years 6 months ago #83476 by <2twins>
Replied by <2twins> on topic RE: pizza bingo
Our school had bingo nights before they have been dropped very bad choice. The uest to get the bingo cards and callout numbers from a local church. All family members were given cards as they sat down at the table. We would direct the games as follows: This one is for everybody.
Then another for the kids only. Then one for the moms only, dads. The rotated it out again. We got our prizes from local business. One time we had so many items donated we possibly couldn't give them all away so we had plenty to save up and gave them to the teachers during teacher appreciation week (4) winners per day. It was great all the families came and had a great time. We only served popcorn and cokes, pickles, candy. I think that pizza can get messy and the cards were borrowed so we didn't want to have that responsibility. I hope that this helps you.
The main thing to remember is that it's for all families to come out and enjoy themselves. We never charged for the cards or refreshments we don't look at it as a fund-raiser. It's better to serve drinks from cups for the little ones this way they aren't getting can drinks and leaving half way full or throwing them away and coming back for more.
19 years 6 months ago #83477 by SkoolMom
Replied by SkoolMom on topic RE: pizza bingo
Food and Bingo does work. Our last Bingo was very successful and fun. We sold hot dogs, chili, nachos, sodas and ice cream. We scheduled the food the hour before Bingo sarted so that the tables were clear of food when the games began. It worked great and everyone got to play even the food volunteers!
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