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Craft Shows

23 years 2 months ago #89608 by marshaw
Replied by marshaw on topic RE: Craft Shows
For some children this is the only opportunity to do something they feel is special for those they love. Is the merchandise chintzy? Yep, pretty much. But, if you have ever had the pleasure of helping children at one of these shop for their families they truly believe that the screwdriver set that took them sooo long to pick out, is priceless. The pride they have putting their gifts in their bookbags is what this program is all about.
23 years 3 months ago #89607 by toomanyhats!
Replied by toomanyhats! on topic RE: Craft Shows
I read an interesting article in the Latest News section of PTOtoday about a school in Evansville that worked with homebased business like Tupperware and Discovery Toys for their Christmas Shopping event. They set it up with babysitting and food, got a percentage of the profits, and did not have to deal with artisans. There are alot of different vendors out there that are eager to break into the school market...Pampered Chef, Jafra, Mary Kay, etc that probably would love to set something up. Check out the article. I found it about 3 weeks ago.

Jafra, DK Books, etc
23 years 3 months ago #89606 by ColoradoPTOmom
Replied by ColoradoPTOmom on topic RE: Craft Shows
To get back on the craft show question -
I've thought of this craft show idea and several local schools have been doing this for many years. I've found the trick is to get the artisans to schedule your event into their calendar that means walking through every local show NOW handing out information about your show sceduled for NEXT YEAR. There are many crafters clubs/groups that meet during the year - find out how to get "in" the loop and sell them on the details of how your event will add to THEIR bottom line. Timing and location are crucial. Ask the crafters how to break into the seasonal show circut. These business people are not going to work all year to set up a table in a school that is in a hard to find/out of the way location on a day when the "big" show is happening at the senoir center or city hall or to give you their inventory to sell in a Santa Shop. Ditch the Santa shop thing and encourage the kids to make something special for mom, dad and the grandparents --- I hate to see kids ripped off and PTO's going through a middle man to make money. If you want something fun and QUICK work with your art teacher and contact Makit-plates -- kids designs are turned into beautiful melamin plates. We did them at our school carnival last spring and all the moms and grandma's wanted one and we made GOOD money as a fund raiser. Christmas and Mother's Day are hot for these items.
Did this help??? Hope so
23 years 4 months ago #89605 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Craft Shows
I don't mean to slam all santas' shops when I say this but I really felt like the kids were being ripped off. The products were not of any quality and how many little screw driver sets and broken key chain flashlights can dad use? And lets not forget those $4.00 rings for mom that the gold flakes off in one wearing and the bear metal looks toxic! Last year our PTO set up a craft to make with each grade, and it was weeks of work, but the heart was in the right place. This year we used a different approach. In Sept. we had each child through the art teacher make a master piece of their own, which will be returned to parents in late Oct. for orders, which will be completed products by Dec.10. There is a company that will turn these into products if the parent so wish. 'Original Works' takes that piece of art and makes it into a good sized magnet the parents can touch and see. The products offered are coffee cups, mouse pads, tee-shirts, aprons, journals, ect.... The catalog has about 20 things to choose from. It is not the same as santas shop--but I could not stomach that any more. The prices range from 2.75 on up to 18.00(sweatshirt). It just seems like a better choice for our families and I may have my shopping done before 26 December!
23 years 4 months ago #89604 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Craft Shows
Agree with everything jackansky said, except for the "search on the Internet" part. Actually, you can find links to several great Santa Shop providers right on our PTO Marketplace at:

Hope this helps -

23 years 4 months ago #89603 by jackansky
Replied by jackansky on topic RE: Craft Shows
This is in response to MOMMY. Secert Santa
Shop is a little store you set up in you school. The kids love it they can come in and buy inexpensive gifts for the family or friends. We use All American Childrens Gift Shop. It has worked out well for us the past 2 years depending on the amount of your sales you get to pick incentive gifts. Last year we were able to get 2 hugh stockings full of items that we raffeled off to the kids. we also recieved 100 inprinted car mugs which we used as gifts for our staff appercation lunch at the end of the year. plus we also received a carnivel pack filled with items that we ues for prizes and give aways all year. The quality of the items vere not bad ( i'v seen worse). You also get free gift wrap to give to each student. If you search on the internet there are other santa shops you can get info from.
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