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"Collecting" Fundraising programs

20 years 6 months ago #89870 by TASinMI
Meijer just started a Meijer Community Rewards card. Your organization gets a percentage of your monthly spending, you have to spend at least $100 in a month. They donate 1-4% depending on your monthly total. Our first month was in December and we only had 17 cardholders and we are going to get a check for $51.
20 years 6 months ago #89869 by mom2m&a
Replied by mom2m&a on topic RE: "Collecting" Fundraising programs
In California the local Safeway chans (Safeway, Vons, Pavillions) use escrip as their receipt program. It is tied to their customer loyalty cards. We make several thousand dollars each year off this.
20 years 6 months ago #89868 by michkan
In connecticut -

ShopRite has a program where we have shopper cards and amounts are registered every time we use the cards. The program runs from September to April. They have a catalog that we can redeem our "receipt amounts" for different items. The items range from crayons to computers. The great thing is anyone can register their card for any school that they choose.

We also use Kash for Kids, Schoolpop, Boxtops, and Target.
20 years 6 months ago #89867 by ReneeF
In Northeast Pennsylvania we have Price Chopper that has a program and also Redner's Warehouse Markets give 1% of total receipts to any non profit group.

Target also will contribute to schools.

Renee ;)
20 years 6 months ago #89866 by CoPREZ
In Pennsylvania....

Giant Eagle receipts (actually we have shopper cards and amounts are registered every time we use the cards). I think it's associated with Apples for Computers ( We usually earn 1 or 2 computers per year.

Kash for Kids and Office Depot
We send in cartridges for money or redeem for reams of paper.

Shop N Save grocery receipts. The Science Center will trade grocery receipts for assemblies.

Box Tops
20 years 6 months ago #89865 by Michelle B
Raley's Supermarket is just starting something but we're supposed to get details at the next meeting on Tuesday.
I know of one in Australia if you are looking that far!
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