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22 years 11 months ago #89914 by Candall
Replied by Candall on topic RE: Miffed
Well, just as everyone else has said, hang in there. You are absolutely right. I realize that teachers are overworked, underpayed, and underappreciated. That most PTO's try to help in this vain is a given.

But you are getting more help than other schools. We don't have room mom's because the teachers wont pick them, don't see the importance. Our notes don't get home to the kids. I was at school today to pick up my kids and the monthly meeting notice was being handed out at the door by a student. I watched three get wadded up and dropped, and 4 not taken because they did not want them. And for at least 1/2 of the events we put on the teachers never come, never by tickets.

To tell you how bad it is, you talk about teachers coming to you with their hands out. We have to track down our teachers to find out what they want because even when we have a meeting for the express purpose of giving them money, they don't come.

I wish there was some magic fix all. Some big ANSWER. But the only one I know in my heart is I am setting an example for my kids that if you want to do something, do it!!!!!!

My son this year is VP of the student council. Hopefully someday he will be interested in his childrens schooling, school, and activities...

And I know what you mean about spending time with your kids, my kids miss out on spending those events with us as a spectator, but they also have the "special status" of being there early, knowing what is going on behind the scenes. They like to have that status. And just as gifford said, if they get a little better treatment at school, then there is the cherry on top of the messy, time consuming, thankless, expensive thing we create every year!

22 years 11 months ago #89913 by Ederlafune
Replied by Ederlafune on topic RE: Miffed
Thank you

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22 years 11 months ago #89912 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Miffed
And even though it is not a fact everyone will admit to the children of active PTO members are given more consideration and the benefit of the doubt by those very teachers. When a problem or situation comes up and those teachers see you fequently I beleive the information flows freely and with less hard feelings than the normal, see you at confrence families. Does this happen because we are board members?-maybe. Does this happen because we have a direct line into that principals office?-maybe. Does this happen because we have made friends?-hopefully. Does this happen because we are in the school so much?-of course. So remember, the fact that we are there at all helps our children progress and achieve at a different level. And I am still praying.
22 years 11 months ago #89911 by Aabkptc
Replied by Aabkptc on topic RE: Miffed
I just want you to know you came to the right place to vent! As PTC president this year I too go through what you do more so with parents than with teachers. It is frustrating but at least at the end of a major event when the compliments pour in, or the money made is put toward something the school really needs and benefits your kids, and your little ones emphasize what a wonderful time they had a particular PTC event it is all worth it. You keep smiling and work for the kids!!!!
22 years 11 months ago #89910 by CarolB
Replied by CarolB on topic RE: Miffed
I can't agree with you more on alot of your issues. Frankly I find it easier pulling teeth than getting support from teachers. We have a main brochure sale that supports most of our budget. In that budget is $100.00 supplements that are given to teachers every year. Do you think they could buy 1 not 10 just 1 box of $6.00 candy to help support us? Out of 40 maybe 3 participate. Boy are they quick to have the money hands out though! It does get quite discouraging when your own children suffer for the benefit of all the others. I know exactly how you feel and you make a very good point about our own kids. But just remember although we are sometimes overwhellmed we will always know that we were the movers and shakers for the kids in our schools. I know they appreciate us!
22 years 11 months ago #89909 by Dottie
Replied by Dottie on topic RE: Miffed
There is only one thing for sure:

Being a PTO president is a thank-less job. The only thing I can say is remember why you took the position in the first place. There has been times that for me it would have been way easier to walk away then to remain and see it though. Hang in there......
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