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Safety Fair

23 years 2 months ago #91181 by paixmonde
Replied by paixmonde on topic RE: Safety Fair
The company below offers helmets for very low prices $5 - $8.

5866 South 194th St
Kent, WA 98032
(800)338-6068 FAX: (206)872-3267
23 years 2 months ago #91180 by nowood
Replied by nowood on topic RE: Safety Fair

You could also ask your local first aid squad
to come with the rig and give a tour. Some of them also have games they play with children.
23 years 2 months ago #91179 by illinois
Replied by illinois on topic RE: Safety Fair
Maybe you could try showing kids how medicine and everyday items look the same,bleach/water. antifreeze/koolaid/, candy/pills,then get yucky face stickers for the products that are bad. You could also do a thing about mall safety,especially for the older kids. good luck you'll have a good time.
23 years 2 months ago #91178 by illinois
Replied by illinois on topic RE: Safety Fair
call your local electric company,they sent out a man with all kinds of coloring books,display and safety ideas for the kids,they were great. We also had a area about clean hands. We had a the kids wash their hands then had some kind of liquid that you put on your hands then wash them again,when they put there hands under a black light,you could see every spot they missed,a nurse should know what the liquid is called, I cant remember. How about internet safety,I'm sure any internet company should be able to supply you with info, Police dept for car seat safety and seat belt safety. Oh there is soooo much. I hope this helps.
23 years 2 months ago #91177 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Safety Fair
Other areas you might want to considere could be:

Internet safety
Electrical safety
Water safety
How to react in an emergency

What about just general safety? My kids have a CD called "Safety scavenger hunt". It's an animated program where the child goes from room to room in the house picking out the unsafe features like things to trip over, sharp objects, slick floors, etc. It would be pretty easy to simulate a real life game.

Here are some web resources:
This is a GREAT site with links to many, many children's safety sites from everthing from First Aid to Farm Safety to Fireworks.

VPW ( ) has some safety videos in its list of educational videos that are available free to schools. One is "Electrical Safety Tips with Safety Man" - a 13 minute video. It usually takes a few weeks to get their stuff.
Childrens safety with popular McGruff character. Can order booklets, comic books, etc. (I like the second web site better.)
Consumer Product Kid Safety site. Has booklets you can order.
variety of games, puzzles, worksheets on the kids site of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Food Safety

Kid's Internet Safety Slide Show ( amic/offsite.htm?

Kids Domain Safe Surfing

These could be some pretty heavy topics if you aren't careful to put a positive spin on everything. Maybe as a final booth you need one on "Silly Safety" where you just do goofy, crazy activities to "protect" them from being sad and serious!

I'd like to hear how the event turns out. Good luck!

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23 years 2 months ago #91176 by MO2
Replied by MO2 on topic RE: Safety Fair
How about Fire saftey. I am sure your local fire department could help you out with this.
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