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Anyone tried Sandy Candy

6 years 3 weeks ago #171996 by sandcrafters
SandCrafters used to distribute this product but has changed manufacturers to a more popular brand called Pucker Powder. People are loving it! Schools are using this at Back to School picnics, perfect attendance, fall festivals, movie name it! It's an engaging, hands-on activity for kids of all ages, and it's only a little bit of sugar!
21 years 3 months ago #91985 by mbg
Replied by mbg on topic RE: Anyone tried Sandy Candy
I'm not sure of all the details but our school recently had the Sandy Candy at our school fair and their was a long line at all times...

Good luck
21 years 4 months ago #91984 by lalam5
Anyone tried Sandy Candy was created by lalam5
We are haveing our first carnival and I saw someone here mention Sandy Candy. Has anyone ever tried it? Was it a big seller or should I just stick with some type of sand art? How much do you all charge to do sand art or the sandy candy? THANX [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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