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Nominating Yourself?

5 years 8 months ago #172697 by Pam #who has served on a board
Replied by Pam #who has served on a board on topic RE: Nominating Yourself?
Yes, you can Nominate yourself. If a person feels they can do the job then they can put themselves in for a vote. Nothing wrong with it. If others don't like it then they should run themselves.
5 years 9 months ago #172599 by DLR
Replied by DLR on topic Elected vs. appointed
The VFW only allows a member to hold one elected position at a given level. A person can be elected Quartermaster at the Post level and Commander for the District but not both positions at the Post level. In the Auxiliary, a member can be an elected Trustee and Sr. Vice President but not Trustee and President or Treasurer because the Trustee verifies the books of the President and the Treasurer, therefore it would be a conflict of interest. You can't officially audit yourself.
10 years 2 months ago #165205 by RROO
Replied by RROO on topic Re:Nominating Yourself?
Actually Robert's Rules addresses running for multiple offices. It says that if elected to more then one they choose the one they will serve in. Do elections one office at a time top to bottom. If she wins one she is done. Nothing stops her from say losing pres but winning vice.
18 years 11 months ago #101386 by EaglesPrez
Replied by EaglesPrez on topic RE: Nominating Yourself?
Our new group of concerned parents basically nominated each other for all the positions and included each other in at least 2 different offices for good measure. Good for them! LOL
My money is on the ones who feel they have a chance now that my "group" isnt in the running. LOL These are people who will try to involve everyone and do not have their own personal agenda and ego's on the line. I am pushing a lot of people to vote for my "new group" so maybe the organization has a chance to succeed.
19 years 9 hours ago #101385 by Michelle B
Replied by Michelle B on topic RE: Nominating Yourself?
I'd say she can nominate herself but she can't run for every office. Ask her what she would do if she won for every office??? I think the paddy wagon needs to make another stop...
19 years 9 hours ago #101384 by Creekside
Replied by Creekside on topic RE: Nominating Yourself?
For the future, I think I would add a modification to the bylaws to include nomination criteria. I've never heard of someone nominating themselves for all positions. Also natural progression is normally encouraged when electing officers. This person hasn't even been a volunteer. Be WISE and WATCH out for this one.
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