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Membership Software

13 years 8 months ago #155269 by Margaret1101
Replied by Margaret1101 on topic Re:Membership Software
I will have to take a look at mailchimp. We use for volunteer scheduling - class readers, daily lunch volunteers etc.. It is free as well.
13 years 8 months ago #155219 by eibbed0001
Replied by eibbed0001 on topic Re:Membership Software
I have not used that one but did try the National PTA sponsored "Just Between Friends." I didn't care for that one for various reasons and looked around online for other options. Other programs are out there but are a bit expensive. We ended up going with MailChimp , which has been wonderful for our email communications with members and volunteers. It does not do calendars, schedules, or event planning but is very easy and user-friendly for email communication to an entire group or just segments of the group.

I thought I wanted more of a management type software but actually the MailChimp program seems to do what we need pretty well.

The best part is that if you have 1,000 or fewer subscribers it is FREE!
14 years 5 months ago #152225 by tvmangum
Membership Software was created by tvmangum
What software does everyone use to manage their membership? I am using the Just Between Frieds website that is sponsored by PTA but it is not ready for "prime time" in that the reporting functions may or may not work. The PTA Manager software from this website is not much better.

I just want something that is easy to use and will do the reports that I need.

Any suggestions?
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