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passed a budget but others have problems

23 years 2 months ago #94134 by THEA
We plan our Budget and get all approved in June, after the election. The old and new boards develop the budget together. I have already had to bring burget change proposals to the PTO meeting (our first one) and have them passed my majority vote. If your PTO follows Roberts Rules, check for budget changing procedures and go forward from there. We've had to eliminate programs becuase the fundraisers just didn't happen. See what the PTO membership wants. Also, do you have any large businesses in the area that may be willing to sponser the reading program? Borders? WaldenBooks? They may contribute or donate books.Thea
23 years 2 months ago #94133 by GaryWT
Wow, our whole budget is only 15-17K, never mind having one item at 12K. We are very careful not to include anything in the P{TO budget that the schools should be providing, this includes books etc. Our bylaws state we are there for the extras, the field trips and activities etc.

As far as the budget goes, we approve it in May at the same time we have elections, after we advertise the vote and approve the budget, we always have someone questioning it. Our answer is that if you did not attend the meeting or voice your opinion before the meeting then you no longer have a say to make changes. If this $12,000 was put to a vote and approved by the school population, you may very well be stuck with it.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
23 years 2 months ago #94132 by LPease7393
Replied by LPease7393 on topic RE: passed a budget but others have problems
May I ask what is the name of the reading program. We have one too, and the cost is about $100,000 per class. Our PTO donates to that cause and it is a wonderful program.
Your principal should be aware of your budget and what you can and cannot afford to do. Let me know.
Thanks, Linda
23 years 2 months ago #94131 by Jude68
We have already passed our proposed budget for the year. Now I have a feeling I was blind sided by our principal.We approved a $12,000 reading program for the 1st&2nd grade level yet one officer doesn't believe we should have to pay for this.I am not to sure how I feel except for the fact that I feel we will be working very hard all year to purchase these paperback books.I also have a son with reading problems and I realize we need books for students with reading difficulties but $12,000.00 for paperback books? This is my first year as PTO president and I feel taken advantage of. I think my main question is can this be reversed after being approved? Our fundraiser isn't going so well so it may not be purchased after all if there aren't enough funds. Thanks, Judy
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