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Surveying Parents

23 years 2 weeks ago #94193 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Surveying Parents
I don't have an evaluation sample for this purpose, but I do plan a lot of events. If you really want people to submit feedback, the best way is to offer an incentive - like a drawing from the evals turned in or a treat for the class with the most returned.

Note, you'll get better data if you allow the evaluation to be anonymous (i.e., including one's name being optional). If you want to do something like a drawing, that means you have to have them turn in a second item with their contact info and the evaluation itself - which are then separated. It's not that hard, you could let the child fill out an entry card when they give the eval to the teacher, or something like that.

Other tips: if you use a rating scale for any questions, I suggest you use 10 points, not 5 - it gives the evaluator more room to "grade" the subject. To me, 5 points leave too much ambiguity.

Good luck!

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23 years 3 weeks ago #94192 by grognd
Surveying Parents was created by grognd
Any ideas on surveying parents to improve the PTO...any PTO have a sample that we can look at? We only have about 15 parents that regularly show up to our meetings and are desperate to get some help!
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