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rules regarding officer's and such

23 years 5 months ago #94345 by hillsmomof3
Replied by hillsmomof3 on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such
Lets see
Yes there should be an officers meeting. More than one individual should look at the books. Maybe even an independent audit to either clear the treasurer or confirm suspicions. If the treasurer is guilty she will probably not let it get that far. Is she bonded?
Executive committee should bring forth any confirmed discrepincies to the general membership and then vote to keep/suspend the treasurer. Also if found innocent apologies are in order and not just quietly as the rumors are probably out for all to hear.
I personally do not think it is the principals job to do the PTO's dirty work. Nor should the principal take any action independant of the PTO regarding PTO funds. She has the same status as the president regarding funds.
The Superintendent? I wouldn't even go there.
You are talking about PTO funds. This is why are funds DO NOT go through the district. We are an independant not for profit group. We police ourselves and adjust our By-Laws/ Policies and Procedures if this "policing" isn't working. Meaning if there is a "loop"hole in your accounting procedures- get rid of it and BOND your treasurer.
23 years 5 months ago #94344 by PTO person
Replied by PTO person on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such
Lisa...I guess our bank is doing pretty good for us because they have called me twice when my signature on the check that was trying to clear didn't look like the one on the signature card. It does help I think that it is a super small bank located right by the school that half of the parents at the school go to for their personal business as well. I'm just really glad I'm not the treasurer...way too much responsibility for me:)
23 years 5 months ago #94343 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such
First of all, yes a meeting needs to be held and this really needs to be handled as far as personel. Next Robert's calls for a meeting/trial of that person, it's FEB. do you really want that? I am SO happy the school has a copy of our books and the treasure has a copy and the PTO writes no checks! You fill out a form for reinburcment and the school issues a check with the Treasure recieving a copy of the paper work. I like it! Make sure this isn't a crappy rumor and try to keep the meeting lite. Hard but must be done to keep a working realtionship for the remainder of the school year. As far as the school admin. keep them informed but I'm not sure if they would want to be THAT drastic as to dissolve your group. Just make sure it's not a rumor and if it is I see THAT person should be in more hot water than the person they are trying to out. Good Luck.
23 years 5 months ago #94342 by LisaH
Replied by LisaH on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such

I think you are giving the banks too much credit. Our bank said that we as a PTO can require two name but they won't monitor two signatures. Also, last week our bank cashed a check made out to our local grocery store.

Each month our treasure submits the bank statement. Our secretary holds the statements.

23 years 5 months ago #94341 by PTO person
Replied by PTO person on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such
Oh my goodness...I do believe that accusing a treasurer of theft with no legimate proof is totally unethical! How a treasurer could steal funds is beyond me...our PTO account has to have two signatures on each is set up through our bank that every check they get to clear has to be hand checked aganist our signature cards. I do believe whole heartedly that the principal or district should be able to monitor actions of the PTO for the children's sake...because it does seem that at times the grown-ups aren't acting very responsibly.
23 years 5 months ago #94340 by PTO person
Replied by PTO person on topic RE: rules regarding officer's and such
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