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Teacher Funds

21 years 2 weeks ago #108610 by Mark's Mom
Replied by Mark's Mom on topic RE: Teacher Funds
We do @$100/teahcer. Hey Tim, is there any rule that they can't combine with the teacher incentive. ie. we give them $100 gift card save $6.00 then they spend it and save $10 if they sign up for the teacher thing?
21 years 2 weeks ago #108609 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Teacher Funds
We give $100.00 per teachers and $50.00 per aide. If we have more than usual in the pot then we give $50-$100 more, but that rarely happens.
21 years 2 weeks ago #108608 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Teacher Funds
Hi gd -

We actually commissioned professional research on this in preparation for our Blackboard Bucks launch...

The average for K-8 schools is $125 per teacher. We designed BlackboardBucks to help with just these kind of programs. If there are Staples stores in your area, then it's perfect. Your group saves 6%, you get customizable delivery cards to present to your teachers; and you avoid all the tracking and check-writing, etc. of a standard do-it-yourself program.

Hope you'll take a look.

21 years 3 weeks ago #108607 by <gdjenkins75>
Teacher Funds was created by <gdjenkins75>
How much do you usually allow per teacher? In the past my school has $75 for PTO members and $50 for non-members. I have head one teacher say that her old school gace $100. Any suggestions?
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