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Offering babysitting

19 years 9 months ago #110819 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Offering babysitting
mykids, is this training part of the church or state affiliated? I think this is a good idea for everyone.
19 years 9 months ago #110818 by mykidsmom
Replied by mykidsmom on topic RE: Offering babysitting
I just took the training class Friday night and while it was three hours long, it was well worth it. You are also then to register online that you have taken the class and have a background check. Our Father told us he will not entertain anyway to go around this important issue.

Check to see if a special training session can be done at your parish and be able to guarentee a large group. That's how our church was able to offer our training. We have a huge Halloween party and every volunteer needed training. The biggest reason to do this, to put the word out that we are not going to let this happen anymore. It's not cancer, we can stop this.

I looked at it this way, it's not just my kids that I'm protecting, it's yours and hers and theirs...... god bless our little ones
19 years 9 months ago #110817 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Offering babysitting
Not a Catholic School, but I have met a couple of Catholics. LOL!

We use homemakers to do ours. Aren't their any nuns or priests that could do this? (I seriously do not know much about the Catholic religion)Do you have foster grandparents in your area? I am sure they have been trained. How about checking at local day cares? Perhaps they would have someone willing to help out, they could at least offer some suggestions.
19 years 9 months ago #110816 by Michelle B
Replied by Michelle B on topic RE: Offering babysitting
At my last school, we had high schoolers do the babysitting but they were only one door down from where the parent's were having the meeting.
I'm not sure if this is babysitting when the parents are closeby.
the kids did come in and out of the meeting to check with their parents on occasion and to share our refreshments. In a situation where the child is readily accessible to the parent, would it still fall under the babysitting rules?

Also, our PTAs (all in this state) are covered under our insurance for these types of situations.
19 years 9 months ago #110815 by soccermomto4kids
Replied by soccermomto4kids on topic RE: Offering babysitting
At our school, the teachers are required by contract to attend several night time events throughout the school year. The teachers rotate babysitting duty for PTA meetings (it puts the "T" back in PTA) and definitely helps out by showing the parents that they care about the association. We don't have to worry about the safety of the children, either. Just a suggestion...hope you can use it
19 years 10 months ago #110814 by HockeyMomto2
With the new requirements in a Catholic school, she would be correct. Our way around it, a teacher was willing to sit with the teenagers in the class room. The teenagers earned some service hours, and we had the training issue covered.
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