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"Welcome Wagon"

19 years 9 months ago #110942 by <Robin from Toronto Canada>
Replied by <Robin from Toronto Canada> on topic RE: "Welcome Wagon"
I purchased 300 tea cups at 50 cents Canadian each. Everything else was donated but the cost of printing the information sheets: PTO Mission Statement and What we do, Volunteer Form, Calendar Order Form, Message from the PTO president,...
Its success? Well, that'll be determined I think from the turnout at this months opening PTO meeting. I"d say that if it's significantly larger than last year's average, the "welcome packets" did their job.
Good Luck with yours,
Robin S.
19 years 10 months ago #110941 by Lisa Stovall
Replied by Lisa Stovall on topic RE: "Welcome Wagon"
I have always wanted to do something like this but was wondering if it's worth the cost. How well is the response you get from this?
19 years 10 months ago #110940 by <Robin from Toronto Canada>
Replied by <Robin from Toronto Canada> on topic RE: "Welcome Wagon"
At my children's school, we just launched a welcome wagon initiative, this year for all new parents and all parents of pre-school children. It's theme is basically, parents have finally got their children settled, now's time for you to take time for yorself, have a cup of tea (we provided a tea cup and organic tea bag and package of honey, all donated) on the PTO. And please read through the PTO information packet while your having your tea, etc.
19 years 10 months ago #110939 by Bertha
We do the chamber of commerce stuff with info on our PTA and we through in a school T-shirt, pencils, notebook & a folder
19 years 10 months ago #110938 by HockeyMomto2
Our school does this. We match the parent with hopefully someone from that class or grade, and we give them a packet of information from the school handbook to pamphlets on the different committees and other ways to get involved. We also give them the names of the teachers in the school and the position they teach (Music, Art, Library, etc)

We try to give as much information as we would a new kindergarten parent gets.
19 years 10 months ago #110937 by pals
Replied by pals on topic RE: "Welcome Wagon"
we do welcome packets that the chamber of commerce put together, they have a ton of info in them and then we made a packet with kids organizations (scouts, sports)listed, phone numbers of county offices, local police, stuff like that. We put in a flyer on our group, a school calender, volunteer opportunites, etc. we then tied the two folders together with a ribbon. our school secretary gives them out to new families entering our district.

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