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PTO president resume

18 years 9 months ago #113494 by HockeyMomto2
Hang on folks, they aren't nuts. They might not truly be looking for a resume at all. At our school, we always asked the people who where running for offices on the board to submit a small bio to introduce the parent to the PTO/PTG at large. It was basically a few paragraphs about who you were, what grades your children were in. It helped some parents put a name with a face.
18 years 9 months ago #113493 by <Sheri>
Replied by <Sheri> on topic RE: PTO president resume
Our school PTO was in such bad shape, they asked me to be the president after only organizing 1 concession stand. I had no other PTO/PTA experience, just "good" ideas and a willingness to see that things get done. Unfortunately, we are still begging for parent involvement and I end up doing a lot of things myself, but I saw a great change in the teachers and students in just one year.
18 years 9 months ago #113492 by OaklandparkMom
Don't forget:
Being able to pick up the "dropped ball"
18 years 9 months ago #113491 by Daddio044
Replied by Daddio044 on topic RE: PTO president resume
Do your by-laws require one or are they asking for it? Sounds like busy work to keep people from NOT wanting to be president.
18 years 10 months ago #113490 by KayCee
Replied by KayCee on topic RE: PTO president resume
Some qualifications I didn't know I needed until I got the job: works well with a variety of(difficult ) people; outgoing and able to promote PTO activities; willing to beg for volunteers (I have to say I hate this part of the job); able to work within a budget; able to say no to the principal if necessary and appropriate; able to decide what's appropriate; flexible schedule allowing for an average of 1 to 2 evening meetings a week and more when needed; demonstrated commitment to the PTO as seen through x, y & z participation in the past; able to do all of this with a smile.

I agree with the others who say that if you have the time, energy, and motivation, a resume isn't the end all be all. I think a demonstrated commitment (even if it's as simple as having attended all / several meetings and participated in events, especially if you've volunteered for them), is enough.

I would focus on why you want to do this and what you hope to accomplish this year. How can you build on past years' successes? Anything new you want to add to the PTO's list of events they do every year?

Good luck.
18 years 10 months ago #113489 by Skyview PTO Rocks
Before this drops off the page, are we going to get an answer? Are we going to get to see your resume if you did one? I am curious what happened after all.
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