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volunteer appreciation

14 years 10 months ago #150418 by steelerbabe
Replied by steelerbabe on topic RE: volunteer appreciation
We started a door prize! nothing big just something small!
14 years 10 months ago #150392 by flmom2001
Our school does a Volunteer Breakfast every year on Valentine's Day. The theme is always "We Love Our Volunteers", and many of the staff make dishes, the Chorus performs, the principal makes a short speech and we all receive a pin and a certificate. The kids make centerpieces and/or placemats, it's really a big deal and done very nicely. Usually I don't go or I show up near the end because I don't volunteer for this, I volunteer for personal satisfaction, but someone pointed out to me that if they are putting that much work into it every year the least I can do is show that I appreciate it by attending. That's something for me to think about this year.

If we were asked to cover the cost of volunteer appreciation items I personally would be taken aback, and if I were to agree it would only be to cover items going to people not on the PTA Board. Our money is there to help the kids, not ourselves.
14 years 10 months ago #150386 by TSCarlucci
Each May before our last PTF meeting, the teachers and staff put on a huge potluck dinner for all the volunteers. The PTF board gives a list to the principal of all the volunteers throughout the year and they all get an invitation to the dinner.
14 years 10 months ago #150299 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: volunteer appreciation
BRAVO Firefly and that is EXACTLY what PTO/PTA teams need...LEADERSHIP. Leaders that can constantly say thank you without the word "I" being inserted. It is NOT easy, it is NOT always personal recognition that comes from that, but as someone who has led and motivated professionally for over 25 years I can tell you that saying those two little words (and finding ways to do that creatively as you have) will cause folks to step beyond themselves and give more, more, more. I know that Jewel has felt that gratification at times and feel saddened that Jaded has not had the fruit of her labors fall back into her own lap.

For all of us working so hard for our schools: I know that someday our children may meet, and for that, to all of you that give so much, so very selflessly--THANK YOU for making a difference. Thank you for standing up outside of yourselves even when it wasn't fun and working to make your children the best they can be.

Maybe I'm rah rah...but I prefer to think I'm a leader. Everyone on these boards looking to better their children’s experiences and taking charge at their schools are leaders...but don't for one second think that the decision to be one is the hardest part of the job.

As to the question at hand-I'd hesitate to spend 200 dollars of the PTO money on volunteer gifts....I'd sooner put my own 200 bucks against that...but I agree-a note of thanks or even a child's hooray will send most volunteers over the top. So, how do you say that to the administration? How about this?

"We are so happy that your value our participation in the school's programs. As I floated the idea around we all agreed we’d prefer to use the 200 dollars requested for the children’s programs. Perhaps we can take a moment at the next school get together to thank the parents that help so often with our programs, maybe even ask the kids to give a “three cheers”….it will brighten all our days to know that what we do has them cheering.”

That cannot be offensive to folks and it will show that what you offer you do selflessly for the school!

14 years 10 months ago #150288 by Firefly7071
I totally understand "jaded" and "Jewel". Regardless why someone volunteers (for the students, for the teachers, to feel good about themselves, etc...), if a PTO wants to keep getting volunteers they need to show appreciation AND it is also polite. Not necessarily buy breakfasts, gifts, etc.. but by constantly recognizing them. I keep a sign in sheet for volunteer events, and am constantly asking for names of people who showed up and helped at events or contributed at meetings. I put their names in a word cloud that I prominently post in our newsletter and on our website. As the year goes on, the cloud will grow. Our school is also doing the PTA 3ForMe volunteer pledge and when people meet their 3 hours, they get a cardstock star that has their name on it and is posted at the school.

Again, we are spending NO money, but are still showing all the parent volunteers they we are aware of the work they are doing and appreciate it.

Here is our first newsletter of the year. The volunteer cloud is on page 5. Sorry the file is so huge it takes a minute to download... but worth it!
15 years 2 months ago #149110 by steelerbabe
Replied by steelerbabe on topic RE: volunteer appreciation

Jewel;149109 wrote: perhaps it is better if you step down.

I am stepping down. Last year I only stepped up because there was NO ONE else. The same thing happened with other committees and even PTA executive board positions. I will volunteer to help my own child's teachers, but as for the rest of the PTA rah rah stuff? NO THANKS. I have places where I feel good when volunteering (including another school where I will have no children next year). I really feel that I make a difference at that other school AND feel appreciated!
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