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Who pays for PTO meeting food

4 years 1 month ago #173140 by Liz L
Replied by Liz L on topic Who pays for PTO meeting food
Hi HeidiP,
Not sure who told you that but PTOs definitely do pay for food at meetings. And in this case, think about the purpose - you want to provide an enticement  (which is a perfectly OK thing to do) to encourage involvement - which is your goal! So, get extra pepperoni, we say. :)
Good luck.
Liz from PTO Today
4 years 2 months ago #173138 by HeidiP
Who pays for PTO meeting food was created by HeidiP
Hi there. I'm the new treasurer for our PTO, and I'm trying to get familiarized with what is allowed to be purchased. We're trying to enlist more PTO members, and have decided to have pizzas at our next PTO meeting to "entice" people to come. I've been asked if the PTO can foot the bill for the pizzas. Is that something PTOs are allowed to pay for? TIA!
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