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Homework help/"tutoring" sessions

20 years 8 months ago #117493 by dteklinsky
Replied by dteklinsky on topic RE: Homework help/"tutoring" sessions
Our school has an after school peer tutoring program. My daughter tutored a 3rd grader last year, she was in 6th grade. The teacher stays after too, but the child doing the tutoring is responsible for the session. I thought it was a great program, and my daughter felt very good when the child improved in all her subjects.
I also think that the children pay more attention to a peer. There is more pressure there to learn. The teachers picked who the tutors were. It was based on academics, citizenship, and responsibility. Hope I was able to help you.
20 years 9 months ago #117492 by <ABC123>
Replied by <ABC123> on topic RE: Homework help/"tutoring" sessions
Our school states every year that they will have a homework club. NOT. They only have tutoring for TEKS testing to help improve those test scores.
I wish that they would stay committed to the afterschool homework club. There are lots of children who's parents work and I know it's their responsibility to help them. What do you do in the case of a single mother limited english working from 7AM to 8PM. Children are home alone. No one to help them with homework. If the school would offer it they are both winners. The children will excel and their self-esteem improves and they are willing to want to learn more. Okay, that's my pet-peeve on Homework Club. That sounds great about the retired teacher wanting to do that. They probably have lots of patience. Another good idea to try is if the each grade level aide would be willing to assist a teacher and they rotate out each week as far as to who stays to help. I take it back they also offer homework club at the end of the 3rd six weeks for children that are in danger of possibly not passing. The program needs to begin in the middle of first six weeks and continue all year long and if the children need transportation home then let the school provide that as well. That's why we pay bookooos of school tax money.
Okay, maybe teachers are tired to stay I understand they have lots of duties but they assist again a win-win for both or offer early morning tutoring.
20 years 9 months ago #117491 by CoPREZ
I know is not the norm, but our teachers supervise the after school program and they also help the children with their homework/tutoring. If there is any other tutoring that needs done outside of this, the teachers usually do it and I think they're paid a small fee by the parents.
20 years 9 months ago #117490 by LUVMYKIDS
Thanks justme, I'd love to hear how it goes.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
20 years 9 months ago #117489 by justme
We are putting together something in our k-3 school and we have a retired teacher who is willing to run this afterschool for 1 hour and we would charge a small fee, collecting once a month in advance signing the child up for as many days as the parents think would be needed. If the pogram gets more kids we would hire more help! The children could get their homework done with extra help! We are starting up next month let you know how it goes!
20 years 9 months ago #117488 by <ABC123>
Replied by <ABC123> on topic RE: Homework help/"tutoring" sessions
Our MS has an after school peer tutoring program where we use peer tutors from the high school. They are paid a small fee - but they do a great job. Another option is using HS students who are Honor Students (they usually have to do so many hours of community services) or other community service groups.
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