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Muffins with Mom a no go!

6 years 3 months ago #172173 by Denise Velasquez
Replied by Denise Velasquez on topic Muffins with Mom a no go!
What we do here at our school is have the students go thru the regular breakfast line and the parent visitors eat the pastries. It's a lot of work, but it works. We have them RSVP to know how many students go thru the breakfast line. We serve breakfast in the classroom everyday.
17 years 3 days ago #128606 by Coll
Replied by Coll on topic RE: Muffins with Mom a no go!
Our school holds these events prior to school. It begins at 7:40 and runs until 8:30. Our school hours begin at 8:40 therefor it does not interfere with the breakfast wave.
17 years 2 weeks ago #128226 by cottonwoodptc
Oh, no, don't get me wrong... i just meant that whether it's before/after/during school, i will get it done. I may need to sacrifice or compromise, but we'll get it done. I just finished talking with the principal, and she's going to see what she can do.
As far as the other family nights... yes, we've done those and i am planning a big reading night in a few weeks.
But no offense taken.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
17 years 2 weeks ago #128225 by Holly Eighmy
We hold our Muffins with Mom and Doughnuts with Dad the same week (2nd week in Nov is National Parental Involvement Week). We hold ours in the library and it goes 8-8:40. The kids that normally eat breakfast at school can only start their "school breakfast" at 8:40 am so we're finished prior to that. We then invite the parents to visit their student's classrooms until 9:30. We have about 40-50% that are on free or reduced lunch. Now, we can't have anything that would interfere with the lunch (that's the big money time for the district -- rolling my eyes!). We do our Breakfast with Santa in the Multipurpose room (lunch room) as long as we don't use their equipment and we're finished by 8:40 (we do use their counters). Although... we hold our Student of the Month luncheon in the MP room prior to lunch starting. We serve pizza and Capri Suns and I have a drawing and give away a school shirt. That's usually only about 45 kids though. Our Domino's Pizza donates the pizzas to us each month and we participate in their monthly dough raising nights (we have the 2nd Th. of each month that we send home flyers encouraging families to order pizza for dinner that night and we get $2 per order or is it 20%? I can't remember right now.). Also, the classroom with the most orders for that night earns a free pizza party whenever they want. So, one classroom a month earns a free pizza party as well.

Anyway, speak to the food service company and make sure they understand that this is a once-a-year event and see what you can work out. If not, then there's other ways to get your parents involved and at school for functions.

Good luck to you,
17 years 2 weeks ago #128220 by another time
Replied by another time on topic RE: Muffins with Mom a no go!
why can't you have this event after school or in the evening? Not sure why you want to push the issue. Have you had a movie night, a craft night, a games night this year?
In my experience when you push the issue people percieve you as a person out for themselves and not a "team" player. I am not saying this about you, I don't know you, I am just giving you a perspective from the other side.
You appear to be a dedicated volunteer which absolutly says your heart is in the right place. Wanting to have a family event and promote family time is awesome. I just don't think you should have to conquer Rome to get the event going. Maybe it is time to move to plan B.
17 years 2 weeks ago #128213 by cottonwoodptc
I could do that, but I really want this to be parents and children. It's kind of the theme I've been running with this whole year. One way or another, pastries will be served! =)

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
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