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Service Efforts by your PTO or PTA

13 years 7 months ago #152357 by Michelle Fernandez
Replied by Michelle Fernandez on topic Re:Service Efforts by your PTO or PTA
We do food drives and clothing drives throughout the year. We also collect toys for tots during the holidays. Last year we started Pennies for Lincoln, we collect pennies during the month of February and donate the proceeds to the local shelter for women and children. Last year we collected almost 75,000 pennies.
13 years 7 months ago #152355 by fox mom
Replied by fox mom on topic Re:Service Efforts by your PTO or PTA
We have a super bowl of caring-- where all the kids bring in change and we donate it to a local food bank-- we also have a can food drive in Dec. agin for a local food bank-- we run a giving tree program for families in need at our school for chiristmas- where kids come pickl an ornament off our giant tree in the main library-- the tag might say gift of clothing- size 8-10 for 10 year old girl-- might say stocking stuff-- or toy car-- the families in need really appreciate this.
13 years 7 months ago #152353 by Joanne in NY
Replied by Joanne in NY on topic Re:Service Efforts by your PTO or PTA
We do a clothing drive twice a year, for all the families from our school and community. The kids bring in the clothes and then on a Sat. any families from our school and community can come in and take what they want. It is a joint effort on the Parents and children and everybody benefits....lots of fun
14 years 1 month ago #150164 by PRS VP
We do a school supply drive at the beginning of every year, a coat/hat/glove drive at the cooler weather approaches, and a canned food drive in time for the holidays. We have a book swap event after the holidays, and donate the leftover books to a school in need, and for one of our annual events we collect for charity rather than charge a dollar amount admission. For that event, a different charity is chosen every year. Past years have included a food bank in our area, The Red Cross, our local Ronald McDonald House (HUGELY successful on that one!), and a regional food bank.

The school supply and coat drive are run through our student council, the food drive is run through the school, and the last two are through the PTO.
14 years 1 month ago #150163 by Northeast Mom
Our school is small and in a low income area, so we try to help out families as much as possible. We always have a family that we sponsor at Christmas. We also donate spirit shirts to the students we know can't afford them right now, and also field day shirts.
14 years 2 months ago #149892 by mykidsmom
Yes, we do a Food Drive for the local food bank- our sixth year I believe. We also sponsor a Pennies for Patients drive in the spring- our third year. Jump Rope for Heart, Uniform Drive (this does help our families but we invite a neighoring charter school to participate) Summer Free Lunch Program; there is a week in the spring during state testing the Juinors and Seniors participate in various community service tasks in the area.
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