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kindergarten meet and greet

8 years 11 months ago #157723 by Donna
kindergarten meet and greet was created by Donna
We usually do a boo hoo type of breakfast, but this year we are trying something a few days before school starts, it will be kindergarten event on the school playground for all kindergarten students. Future teachers, principal and assistant principal will be present, pto will pass out freeze pops, kids can play with their future friends, maybe a few games and parents can ask any questions they may have,

i am looking for a cute name for our event, and ideas if anybody else has done anything similar

thanks for your help
8 years 11 months ago #157740 by followme
Replied by followme on topic Re:kindergarten meet and greet
what is a boo hoo breakfast?
8 years 11 months ago - 8 years 11 months ago #157745 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Re:kindergarten meet and greet
followme- A boo hoo breakfast is an event often hosted by the PTO or PTA for parents of kindergarteners... they drop their kids off and go to a coffee for a good cry and to meet and commiserate with other parents. In so cases they call it a boo hoo yahoo breakfast because in some cases the parents are say yahoo to their kids starting school ; )

Donna- Some names I have seen used over the past years are:
Kindergarten round-up
Kindergarten mingle

Anyone else have some creative name suggestions for Donna?


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8 years 11 months ago #157751 by jlmardlin
We have the same kind of event before school starts, only the entire school is invited. We call it Popsicles with the Principal. Same idea, kids can meet their teacher, classmates, the principal and of course, the PTO!
8 years 11 months ago #157789 by Missy
Replied by Missy on topic Re:kindergarten meet and greet
We do an all school Root Beer Bash - serve Root Beer Floats, have the class lists posted, have drawings, etc. But I like the idea of a Kinder only playdate!!
8 years 10 months ago #157792 by Sssygirl
Replied by Sssygirl on topic Re:kindergarten meet and greet
We do a Newcomer's Ice Cream Social. This is for new incoming families. We also invite a few veterans with Kindergarten kids as well to mingle in with the newbies.
We do Sundaes or Novelties on our playground.
Usually its 2 weeks before school starts and a week before our open house. That way the families can get their feet wet without feeling overwhelmed.

A fun game idea would be hula hoop game here:
What you need:
Hula hoop

Ask the kids to stand in a big circle, slip a hula hoop onto one child's arm, and have them all join hands.
They then must find a way to move the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other's hands.
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