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New treasurer-want to change banks

12 years 11 months ago #137764 by Critter
There are many very valid reasons for changing banks, and most PTO's would be well advised to review their banking relationship from time to time. If your PTO is paying any fees at all, you need to search for a new bank. However, I would never use the phrase "my bank" when presenting a new option to the Exec Board. While it may be true that you know the features of your bank better because you are already a customer, it sound disingenuous to rely on that as a key reason for switching. I personally have no problem changing banks for the treasurer's convenience, all other things being equal, but only if the branch is located within a reasonable proximity to the school. The treasurer has lots of interaction with the branch so it should be convenient for her as long as that bank is as good a deal as any other option. Selecting a bank because so-and-so works there is about the worst reason of all.

Are the features of the new bank really important to the PTO? Do you really need online access? A debit card? An ATM card? The most important features I look for is fee-free checking. Interest woudl be nice, but not if it means we pay a monthly service fee or any other fee. It sounds like you've done your homework and have the PTO's best interest at heart. Just check the personal banking relationship at the door when presenting your recommendation the rest of the board.
12 years 11 months ago #137858 by LaAng3
Thanks to all who replied!
I presented my desire to change banks to the President who told me we had to open it for discussion to the others, which we did. Prior to our meeting, I downloaded info from both banks and also made a side-by-side outline for additional benefits to us (PTO) for the change. Neither Bank charges monthly fees for chosen accounts. We all agreed to the change. We also liked the idea of debit cards for each Officer with a limit, which we chose ours to be of $50. The bank then sets this limit on each card so Officers DO NOT have access to total PTO Funds. We are doing the 2-person signature on debit receipts to validate the use of each debit. This way we could purchase items and not have to pay out of our own pocket and then be re-reimbursed by check. I made an outline of all the benefits for this as well, we had many reasons for wanting debit cards for each officer. I did mention of the convenience for myself lastly, and by coincidence, 3 of 4 Officers bank @ the new proposed Bank. BankofAmerica is the majority used Bank in our area.

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10 years 3 weeks ago #154414 by Kristin
Replied by Kristin on topic Re:New treasurer-want to change banks
I was told that the use of debit cards was not allowed by the PTA. Since swipping a card usually doesn't even involve any signature. Is this a county rule?
10 years 3 weeks ago #154416 by mum24kids
If it is a rule, must be a local one. We have no such restrictions. We use our debit cards fairly frequently, but have a rule that you must still turn in receipts. If you don't turn in your receipts when you are supposed to, the treasurer can have your debit card revoked.
9 years 11 months ago #154770 by Shan
We have the choice and decline debit cards- we do have a check book though.

BoA is horrid. I've never met anyone who hasn't been over charged, scammed or not notified of their insanely increasing fees. I closed my account after 13 years of banking with them- I'll never return and would never advise our PTO or anyone else to. I hope they continue to work for you.
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