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President year end speech

12 years 1 day ago #143202 by amysmile
Hi...I am so desperately looking for ideas to use for my term ending/year end speech at our last PTO meeting?? If anyone can offer any ideas/ suggestions on where to start...I would GREATLY appreciate it...Thank you! You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5 years 11 months ago #165913 by Sue
Replied by Sue on topic Re:President year end speech
Not sure this is relevant to who asked the question some time ago, but for those who will be needing to make a speech such as this in the future, here are my thoughts:

Report on the highlights of the PTA activities undertaken during your tenure. Focus on the positive aspects of the activities and achievements. If your treasurer will not be presenting the finances, you can highlight your financial performance for the activities.
Assess your motto/mission/vision and highlight things you were able to do towareds achieving them.

Acknowledge the support of all who assisted you during your tenure. If you begin to call names, make sure you remember everyone so that no one feels left out. Thank the team that worked with you and ofcourse thank the parents, teachers, administrators, sponsors and students who contributed to making your tenure a success.

Next congratulate the incoming administration and wish them well. Offer your help in providing advice if needed.
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