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Inappropiate Funds??

11 years 8 months ago #147398 by PresidentJim
I hate to say it, but "too little too late" on this one. First I'm glad that the party ended up being for the teaching staff. If it was personal friends then things would be totally on the other side of the line. But it did affect the school it was for the teachers, it does fall under Teacher Appreciation, and... she asked and you all agreed. Was it really necessary for her to serve steak and lobster, plus alcohol?... I don't know, it's debatable. Let me ask it this way...

Since this was :discretionary funds, if she ended up purchasing shirts for the staff, with the school lgo, would that have been acceptible?

Both benefit the staff, though I will state that I think she should have included the support staff and aids in her party, but that's a separate discussion.

So, how to deal...

For this one I say you leave it alone and pay for the expenses. She asked, you accepted.

The Executives should discuss this offline and decide if they feel that this type of expediture is appropriate for the future, or not. If not, then the President would need to have a closed door discussion with the Principal explaining. A possible way to deal would be to make a minor change to the Bylaws, indicating something like "All use of raised funds must benefit the students". This could cause conflict in regards to Teacher Appreciation, but it might be better than bringing it up directly with the Principal as you definitely need to keep her on your side.

Hope this helps,
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