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Spring Carnival information needed

11 years 7 months ago #147966 by Spring Carnival ideas
Spring Carnival information needed was created by Spring Carnival ideas
Our PTO is getting ready to plan for a Spring Carnival to end this school year. We want it to be a reasonably priced event but we also want it to be a very good one. In order for it to be a good one we know already that there will be quite a bit of overhead especially if we rent inflatables and music (a local band) for the day. I am not sure how to price this event and still make money. Any ideas on this as well as on all the types of games, etc. that we could get ready for this day?
11 years 7 months ago #147970 by buzzymom is a great website with lots of good information. Most Carnivals will pay for themselves in the end. Just make sure you get a budget and a good supportive team organizing it!
11 years 7 months ago #147975 by mssadams
We do wristbands for the inflatables at our school. We have about 7 pieces that include a Bungee or Rock wall and a bounce house for the little ones. We charge $15 for the first child and $10 for each sibling.

Check out the other carnivals for schools in your area. We go to the other school's carnival and we learn something new at each one.

Tatoos and nailpolish stations are cheap to you and we charge $1.
You can get tatoos as little as 7 cents at oriental trading. We just all bring our own nail polish in.

Hope this helps.
10 years 11 months ago #150759 by vicki
Replied by vicki on topic Re:Spring Carnival information needed
We sell wristbands for the games and inflatables at $10.00 each. Food is extra and last year we had a dunking booth for $2. We made around $1500.00 profit. We sell popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, drinks and fries. EAch grade level has 2 booths with prizes we get from oriental trading or Rhode ISland novelty. We started this as a fun day for our kids, but usually make some momey from it.
10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 11 months ago #150774 by Samantha
Replied by Samantha on topic Re:Spring Carnival information needed
I am from New Jersey and used NJ Fun Services, they were GREAT! They have Fun Services all over the country.
Good Luck
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