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Officer not doing their job.

6 years 9 months ago #164202 by Tammy
Officer not doing their job. was created by Tammy
Is it possible to ask an officer to step down from their position due to not attending important meetings and not keeping meeting minutes with typos and errors all through minutes. If so...what if they say they won't step down.
6 years 9 months ago #164205 by Rose H
Hi Tammy,
It may come to that, but you may try a few things first. Have you tried getting in touch with her through all channels -- email, phone, text? Do you this person at pick up or drop off times? Do what you can to reach out and find out what is happening. There could be a reason why this person hasn't come to meetings and there may be a way to resolve this before looking for a way to have this person step down.

If you try what you can and you still have no response, and this person has missed several meetings, well, then it would be time to replace this person. Review your bylaws to see what process your group has for taking such a step.

Good luck,
Rose C.
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