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All Moneys On The Treasurer's Report

10 years 3 weeks ago #153475 by Concerned Parent
All Moneys On The Treasurer's Report was created by Concerned Parent
I just found out that our High School PTO has $30,000 tucked away on a CD, under Academic Boosters. So the treasurer & the President don't feel that it needs to be on the treasurers report because it's not the everyday exchange of funds. My thougt is that they should always put it in the treasurers report so that it doesn't look like they are hiding something. Everything on the treasurers report needs to be voted on at each meeting & shared with the public....even the CD funds.
10 years 3 weeks ago #153477 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:All Moneys On The Treasurer's Report
10 years 2 weeks ago #153492 by Sherra Scott
I'm a bookkeeper by trade, so I'll keep it simple. It should be included in the treasurer's report as an asset. :)
8 years 2 months ago #160373 by sd19565
Like previous posters stated, everything should be on your treasurer's report.

Also, how long is the CD and it is earmarked for something specific? I ask because most organizations that I have dealt with and network with have the same type of belief - unless it is earmarked for a major project the monies should be used to fund/support/benefit the students that raised that money. In other words, our organization did fundraising this year with profits of $15,000. After setting aside the money for all budgeted items for the next school year (we consistently fund specific projects so we know we need to be able to fund them the next school year) unless we have a major project that we are funding, we grant teacher wishes each year and bring our working capital down to bare bones and then go through the process the following year. I personally do not feel you should carry much over each year. It is unfair to the students who work so hard to fund raise for their hard work not to benefit them.
Just my 2 cents.
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