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Strategic Planning Manual

9 years 7 months ago #154951 by barb_r
I am currently in the process of using the PTO Today Treasurer's manual to finalize the creation of our group treasurer's manual. It, as with all the tools here, has been a great resource. I LOVE not having to reinvent the wheel!

That process created a question though...

I know over the past year we have tried to do some "strategic planning" for our future. Work out goals, determine types of fundraising we want to associate with and what would be best supported by our types of parents, etc. I have some experience with strategic planning from past non-profits I have worked with but the process has been arduous and tedious to say the the least. One of the largest obstacales have been getting parents and board buy in since we aren't a "large" organization everyone wants to know why it is necessary, especially since we have "never done it before." (Which to my way of thinking is the FIRST reason it is necessary!)

Anyhow... the question is:

By any chance has PTO Today staff considered making a manual focused towards Strategic Planning? Or, by any chance, is there a manual like that all ready that I have just missed? I know even with our experience it would be great to have the added resource so I'm sure groups with less experience on the topic would find it even more helpful!

Just a suggestion!

Thanks for listening!
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