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Parent vs Teacher Appreciation

13 years 9 months ago #152788 by Nancy
Parent vs Teacher Appreciation was created by Nancy
I just need a little advise please.

So Parent appreciation just passed and yet again the Parents get stiffed. We were invited to come into the school to have lunch with our children and only received a piece of cake, no drink just a piece of cake. In prior years we received a brown bag lunch with a sandwich.( not much better but at least it was lunch).

So it getting to be time for the teacher appreciation, we as a PTA normally send a letter home to ask parents to donate a dish of some sort ( appetizer, sides, main dish, desert, drinks, etc) and volunteer there time to help give the teachers a great appreciation lunch, We set up a nice area and go all out for them.

so my question is, since the budget was in there for the parents, should the budget not be in there for the teachers this year, and we just have desert for them also.
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