Green Fundraising Ideas for PTOs

Eco-friendly fundraisers let parent groups help their schools and the planet at the same time.

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20 Ways To Go Green

How to be more green, both at school and in your PTO.

Earth Day

6 Ways To Observe Earth Day

Encourage your group and school to go green with these ideas.

Free Resource

Go Green Clip Art

Free green-inspired clip art to jazz up your flyers and other printed materials.

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Family Event: Eco-Chic Fashion Show

The 2011 Parent Group of the Year for Outstanding Family Event planned an outrageous night featuring student-designed fashions made from recycled materials.

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Unpaper Your PTO

Cutting back on how much paper your group uses will mean less time copying—and more money saved.

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Green Your Bake Sale

Lots of baking doesn’t have to mean lots of waste. Reduce your footprint with these tips.

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How PTOs Are Going Green

There are many ways to make your group more environmentally conscious. It starts with a critical review of day-to-day operations.


How PTOs Are Making Schools Green

PTOs and PTAs are increasingly playing a key role in school efforts related to recycling, composting, and reducing energy use.

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Family Event: Fun and Eco-games

PTO Today’s 2008 Outstanding Family Event was a green festival that combined learning and fun, included a large number of parent volunteers, and helped strengthen the connection between the middle school and home.