Help for Your Group

What Your Group Should Be Thinking About (and Planning) Right Now

Don't miss a beat. Get ahead now with these actionable tips, resources, and tools.

Wrap It Up

Your PTO Year-End To Do List

16 steps to close out the school year and get ready to come back strong in fall 2024.

PTO Today Article

20 Things Every PTO Leader Is Looking Forward to When We Get “Back to Normal”

Runapalooza and pastries with actual people? Yes, please.

Yes, You Can!

Online Voting Tips for PTOs and PTAs

Making your officer elections virtual can help keep business moving along even if you can’t meet in person. (And yes, it's legal!)

PTO Today Article

The Parent Group Budgeting Process When Times Aren’t Normal

How to make a budget even when you have a lot of questions about what happens next.

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Ideas That Work Right Now

Your parent volunteers have juggled a lot this year. From cozy socks to meal deliveries and more, we share ideas so you can thank them while staying safe.

Teacher Appreciation 2021

Teacher Appreciation Ideas at a Distance

Big, in-person theme lunches are out. To-go meals and digital messages are in. Creative ways to thank teachers and staff this spring and all year long.

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33 Ways To Boost Your School Fundraiser With Social Media

Practical tips for creating effective posts about PTO and PTA fundraisers for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Get Them Involved!

16 Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for PTOs and PTAs

Get and keep more volunteers for your parent group with these approaches.