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20 Things Every PTO Leader Is Looking Forward to When We Get “Back to Normal”

Runapalooza and pastries with actual people? Yes, please.

by Kerri Beauchesne


PTOing during a pandemic has redefined what it means to be a committed volunteer. Supporting students, teachers, and families is your MO, so it’s no wonder you managed to keep spirits up for your entire school community.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite parent group things that leaders are looking forward to when things finally get “back to normal.” Have something you’d like to add? Use the hashtag #ptolife when you tweet or post on Instagram, and your PTO moments might wind up here!


Pastries with actual people

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Realizing that every school day is now an in-person school day


Planning a walkathon or danceathon...or any kind of -athon at all, really


Casually bringing up volunteer opportunities to parents at school pickup


I don’t want to be that mom.... but I am... #moms #momsoftiktok #momsover30 #workingmom #ptalife

♬ Funny Thing - Thundercat


Having more than enough options to fill your yearbook with photos


Feeling excited to get out of the house for that Box Tops coordinator meeting

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Late-night shenanigans with your PTO peeps

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Actual classroom parties


Teacher appreciation assembly lines


Jamming the copy machine


Buying snacks in bulk for school family events

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Field day fun


The smell of books at book fair setup


Having ice cream socials (instead of ice cream antisocials)


Staff appreciation breakfast spreads


In-person PTO meetings


Working the concession stand

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Helping kids budget their money at the school holiday shop


Putting all that TP you stocked up on to good use to celebrate a really successful fundraiser


Chaperoning a field trip


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