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How To Prioritize PTO and PTA Involvement

Why parent involvement matters—and how your group can make it a priority.

Involvement Best Practice
501(c)(3) Basics for School Parent Groups

DEI Guide for Parent Involvement

More inclusion leads to more involvement! This guide will give your group a framework to make DEI efforts an everyday part of running your group.

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PTA President Word Cloud Poster

Patience, delegation, eloquence—these are some of qualities in a PTA president deemed most important by our social media community.

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PTSA President Word Cloud Poster

Download this word cloud poster to hang, frame, or give as a token of appreciation for the humor, backbone, creativity, and other great qualities of your PTSA's leader.

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Building Parent Involvement, Step by Step

How to help parents transition from volunteers to leaders.

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Spread the Word: Parent Involvement Matters

A two-minute video summary of the ways your involvement at school can make a difference.

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Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ

See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.

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Change a Bad Reputation With Parents

Tips to win over parents who have a poor impression of your PTO.

Free Involvement Guide
Put Parent Involvement First

Put Parent Involvement First: 10 Tips

Make involvement your top priority and every challenge your group faces will get a whole lot easier.

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Get Dads Involved

You can get dads connected and volunteering. It just takes a concerted effort and a different approach than you use for moms.

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How To Fix Volunteer Recruitment Roadblocks

The most common challenges to engaging new parents are actually fairly easy to fix.


25 Ways To Entice New Volunteers

Tips to bring volunteers in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.