1. Kid Brainstorming Sessions

When planning an event, meet with students and ask for ideas. Kids have great insights on what other kids will like. For example, they’ll be able to tell you what games will be popular at the upcoming carnival.

2. Welcome Student Reps

Include student representatives at a few PTO meetings throughout the year. Find out what’s on their minds. It will help shape your planning so you create programs that are more meaningful to them.

3. Spotlight on Achievement

Ask teachers to recommend students who have done outstanding work and have those students present or perform at a PTO meeting. (As a bonus, this will definitely boost meeting attendance.)

4. Event Volunteers

When possible, include student helpers at school events. They can serve as ushers, ticket collectors, and food servers. Kids will enjoy pitching in and being part of the big event.

5. Kids Helping Kids

Run simple community service projects, like toy drives or food pantry collections, and give students an opportunity to chair these programs. They learn responsibility and valuable life lessons.

6. Kid Empowerment

Consider an event or club that brings parents and kids together and focuses on building a child’s self-esteem. Girls’ groups, for example, can focus on promoting life skills, a positive body image, and more.