Top 10 White Lies You’ve Told To Recruit Volunteers

White Lies You’ve Told To Recruit Volunteers
Rex Bohn

Looking for some new recruits? Maybe you just need a new line.


Meeting Myth: “We keep our meetings short and sweet. You’ll definitely be home in time for your show.”

Cleanup Con: “Cleaning up after 5th grade graduation took, like, half an hour at most last year.”

Kidding Around: “No worries, I bet the directions for making a piñata with the kindergarten class are simple.”

Whale of a Tale: “Seriously, sitting in the dunk tank is really fun!”

Fantastic Story: “It’s true that we don’t have an officers’ handbook, but that gives you freedom to grow into the role in your own way.”

Wishful Thinking: “The principal will be no problem. She usually just rubber-stamps our plans for the year.”

Friendly Fib: “We love hearing from members! You can never give too much feedback.”

Board Bluff: “Serving as vice president this year doesn’t mean you have to be president next year.”

Leadership Legend: “I’m sure we can find another person to co-lead the committee with you.”

Inventive Involvement: “The people in our school are so appreciative and willing to jump in, we fill volunteer sign-up sheets right away.”

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Originally posted in 2013 and updated regularly.

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