1. Penny Sale

A penny sale is a great way to encourage reuse and recycling while giving children the opportunity to buy low-cost presents for their families. Collect donations of new and gently used items, and sell them for a minimal fee in your school gym or other venue.

2. Holiday-Theme Walkathon

Walkathons are often scheduled for warmer months, but they don’t have to be. “Jingle walks” have gained popularity in recent years as great ways to get families moving in the winter months while raising funds.

Holiday shop all done? Thank your volunteers so they’ll be ready to help next year

3. Cookies for Teachers

What’s a sweet way to spread holiday cheer and show your teachers you care? Ask volunteers to bake a few dozen holiday cookies, provide teachers with festive plates or boxes, and let them choose their favorites.

Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards

4. Wrap Gifts for a Cause

Everyone can use a hand during the holidays, so why not parlay that into a greater good? Recruit gift-wrappers, set up wrapping stations in the school gym, and charge a fee of a toy, book, or charitable donation.

Gift Tags for Wrapping Service

5. Holiday Potluck

All families have different ways of celebrating. Start a new tradition by encouraging them to contribute a dish they typically enjoy during their winter celebrations.

Potluck Flyer

6. Crafts for Seniors

Share the spirit of the season while having a fun, low-cost family event by organizing a family crafts night, and donate the items to homes for senior citizens.