Follow these simple steps to make your meetings painless as well as productive.

by Christy Forhan


1. Publicize It

Publicize the date, time, and purpose.

2. Be Punctual

Start on time.

3. Make Introductions

Introduce yourself.

4. Stay on Track

Follow the agenda.

5. Use Names

Acknowledge people by name.

6. Manage Discussion

Encourage members to speak up, but don’t allow the discussion to get repetitive or argumentative. Ensure that both sides are heard on controversial issues. Follow the basic principles of Robert’s Rules for motions, seconds, and voting.

7. Don't Dwell on Details

Let committees do the detail work; the general meeting is for tackling broad concerns.

8. Take Minutes

Ensure that minutes are taken.

9. Clean Up Afterward

Replace the chairs, throw away your coffee cups, and turn out the lights. Be courteous guests. The custodians are already busy cleaning up after students.


# Bruce Campbell 2008-04-06 18:57
This nine-point checklist is great for PTO meetings as well as workplace meetings. Number 5, acknowledge people by name, is essential to making attendees feel important, involved, and keep them coming back. Number 6, managing the discussion, is very important to keep the discussions on track and keep the meeting from dragging on. As a PTO President, I use the meeting minutes as a checklist of items that need my attention during the month and a means of keeping track of tasks assigned. Simple and excellent points.

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