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6 Ways To Boost Parent Involvement

Use these tips to get the help you need.


1. Ask Volunteers To Invite a Friend

People are more likely to participate in a group when they know someone who’s already involved, so ask your regulars to bring along a companion.

2. Collect Sign-up Forms Throughout the Year

Giving people opportunities to sign up beyond just the beginning of the school year increases your chances of getting help when you need it.

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3. Offer Incentives

Consider giving parents an incentive to participate in PTO events. For example, if they volunteer at the book fair, give them a free book or a bag for their efforts.

4. Offer More Ways To Help From Home

Parents can help in a variety of ways from home. So give them opportunities like sorting box tops, stuffing goody bags, writing or editing a newsletter, or updating a website.

5. Talk Up Your Group

Don’t assume that parents know what your parent group is all about—let them know the many ways your group has contributed to the school.

6. Ask for What You Need

Often parents don’t participate because they assume everything’s covered. If you need help, send home notices in backpacks, and use email or Facebook to announce new programs and opportunities.

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