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Infographic: Last-Minute Meeting Tips

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Meeting tonight? Don't stress—we have you covered.


Meetings Infographic

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Meetings aren’t everything, but they’re still important. While long-term planning might be best, it just doesn’t work that way sometimes. So try these quick (and truly doable) tips to make your meetings better.

Bring some simple snacks—some bottles of water and a few goodies.

Give name tags at the door (for everyone, not just new attendees).

Have a little fun—kick off your meeting with some icebreakers.

Send a reminder (Facebook, email, etc.) a few hours before the meeting.

Provide handouts of what you’ll be discussing (agenda, budgets, details of projects, etc.).

Lose the “head table”—arrange tables or chairs to include everyone.

Say “thanks for coming” to each person who walks in.

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