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10 Quick and Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Easy Teacher GIfts

Everyone likes to come up with a nice way to thank their teachers, but not everyone is crafty. Luckily, there are many easy teacher gifts that will let them know you care.


Hand Lotion Tags for Teacher Appreciation

These lotion gift tags say "We're in good hands with you!" and can be customized with the name of each teacher. Twelve tags per page; print out, cut them apart, and affix to a hand lotion for a small but thoughtful show of appreciation.


Teacher Appreciation Word Cloud Poster

Caring, exceptional, thoughtful—these are some of the adjectives in this word cloud poster you can print and hang to show appreciation for your teachers.


Calculator Tag for Teacher Appreciation

Affix this tag to a calculator for a thoughtful and practical gift that says "According to our calculations, you are a great teacher!"


"I Love My Teacher Because..." Notes

Teachers will love the personal touch of these “I love my teacher because...” cards from their students. For a sweet gift, adults can collect the cards in a pretty jar or box.


Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tags

Thank your teachers “a latte” for all they do with these colorful tags; customize with each teacher's or staff member's name and attach the tag to a bag (or to-go cup) of coffee.


Teacher Appreciation Goody Bag Directions and Tag

Everyone loves a goody bag! Print this list of suggested items (sticky notes, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, etc.) and gift tag and fill a cellophane (or other) gift bag with items of your choice for a thoughtful expression of appreciation for teachers.


Plant Tags for Teacher Appreciation

Attach a small tag to a plant for a simple and sweet gift. Print tags (12 to a sheet) that say “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that will grow forever!” and affix to a plant of your choice.

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holders

Teachers are sure to love the humorous messages on these gift card holders. Simply print and affix a gift card to the holder (three messages in all) as a fun (or practical) way to show your appreciation.


Summer Relaxation Tote for Teachers Directions and Tags

Let your school's teachers know you think they deserve to relax by filling a cute tote bag with summer relaxation items. This printable includes suggested items as well as tags to affix to the bag(s).


Poop Emoji Cupcakes

Toward the end of the school year, encourage teachers to hang in there with poop emoji cupcakes and a humorous note from the parent group.

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